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Stainless Steel SAE O-Ring Boss (ORB) Hydraulic Adapter Fittings

SAE O-ring boss fittings use straight thread and an O-ring (Buna N or Viton depending on the type of hydraulic fluid) to create a seal between the male and female fitting. Compression of the male fitting O-ring into the female chamfer cone seat creates a very leak resistant connection. SAE ORB adapter fittings are an excellent choice for medium and high pressure applications. Stainless steel fittings are used for applications requiring maximum corrosion or sanitary protection.

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SS-6400_Stainless_Steel SS-6400 - Stainless Steel

MJ x MORB Straight (Stainless)

SS-6401_Stainless_Steel SS-6401 - Stainless Steel

MORB x MP Straight (Stainless)

SS-6400L_Stainless_Steel SS-6400L - Stainless Steel

MJ x MORB Straight (Stainless)

SS-6402_Stainless_Steel SS-6402 - Stainless Steel

MORB x FJS Straight (Stainless)

SS-6405_Stainless_Steel SS-6405 - Stainless Steel

MORB-FP Straight (Stainless)

SS-6407_Stainless_Steel SS-6407 - Stainless Steel

Adjustable MORB x MORB (Stainless)

SS-6408_Stainless_Steel SS-6408 - Stainless Steel

MORB External Hex Plug (Stainless)

SS-6409_Stainless_Steel SS-6409 - Stainless Steel

Hex Socket MORB Plug (Stainless)

SS-6410_Stainless_Steel SS-6410 - Stainless Steel

MORB x FORB Reduce (SS)

SS-6801_Stainless_Steel SS-6801 - Stainless Steel

MJ x MAROB 90° (Stainless)

SS-6802_Stainless_Steel SS-6802 - Stainless Steel

MJ x MAROB 45° (Stainless)

SS-6803_Stainless_Steel SS-6803 - Stainless Steel

MJ x MJ x MAORB Tee (SS)

SS-6804_Stainless_Steel SS-6804 - Stainless Steel

MJ x MAROB-MJ Run Tee (SS)

30000 Buna O-Ring For Hydraulic Fittings 30000 - Oring

Buna N O-Ring

30001 Viton O-Ring For Hydraulic Fittings 30001 - Oring

Viton O-Ring