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Brass Flareless Compression Adapter Fittings

Flareless compression CA360 brass adapter fittings can be used with a wide variety of tubing including copper, plastic, aluminum, and steel. Max operating pressures vary depending on tube size and type of tube used. Operating temperature range is between -65° and +250°F on copper tube assemblies.

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B-60_SAE_060115 B-60 - Brass

Compression Tube Sleeve

B-61_SAE_060110 B-61 - Brass

Compression Tube Nut

B-61L_SAE_060111 B-61L - Brass

Compression Tube Long Nut

B-62_SAE_060101BA B-62 - Brass

CT x CT Union

B-62-BH B-62-BH - Brass

CT x CT Bulkhead Union

B-64_SAE_060401BA B-64 - Brass

CT x CT x CT Union Tee

B-65_SAE_060210BA B-65 - Brass

CT x CT 90° Union Elbow

B-66_SAE_060103BA B-66 - Brass

CT x FP Adapter

B-68_SAE_060102BA B-68 - Brass

CT x MP Adapter

B-69_SAE_060202BA B-69 - Brass

CT x MP 90° Elbow

B-70 B-70 - Brass

CT x FP 90° Elbow

B-71_SAE_060424BA B-71 - Brass

CT x MP x CT Run Tee

B-72_SAE_060425BA B-72 - Brass

CT x MP x CT Branch Tee

B-73 B-73 - Brass

Plastic Compression Tube Insert