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  • Air Sentry

    Air Sentry Air Desiccant, Desiccant Breathers

    Air Sentry ® Contamination Desiccant Breathers are used  in major industrial, mining, military, power generation, and fluid storage applications. They remove water, solid particles, and other contaminants from air being breathed into reservoirs, transformers, storage tanks, and gearboxes. The service life of equipment and fluids is greatly extended when protected by an Air Sentry ® Breather.
  • CCJ Inserts

    CC Jensen Filtration Inserts

    CC Jensen (CCJ) oil filtration inserts are formed with mass depth media for optimal life and maximum solid/liquid contamination holding.  CC Jensen filter inserts are chemical treated to remove specific contaminants while keeping oil purified and optimal.  These filter inserts work in conjunction with CC Jensen filter units to continuously filter oil in industrial fixed and mobile applications.
  • CCJ Units

    CC Jensen Filtration Units

    CC Jensen (CCJ) oil filtration units are used to continuously filter hydraulic, gear, transmission, differential, coolant, and engine oil to a very high purity.  The filtration systems hose mass depth media filters hold a significant amount of solid and water contamination in oil and can work up to a year without requiring replacement.  CC Jensen filtration systems can work with oil reservoirs of 1 gallon to 100,000 gallons of oil.