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Hydraulics Direct offers a wide variety of stainless steel sanitary fittings manufactured in high quality 316 stainless steel.
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SF16SC SF16SC - SS316 Sanitary Cap

Solid End Sanitary Cap

SF16CSF16 SF16CSF16 - SS316 Sanitary Weld Ferrule

Clamp End Sanitary Short Weld Ferrule

SF16HS SF16HS - SS316 Sanitary Hanger

Sanitary Hanger with Sleeves

SF16CLF SF16CLF - SS316 Sanitary Long Weld Ferrule

Clamp End Sanitary Long Weld Ferrule

SF16CRF SF16CRF - SS316 Sanitary Recessless Ferrule

Clamp End Sanitary Recessless Ferrule

SF16W90E SF16W90E - SS316 Sanitary Weld 90 Elbow

Short Radius Sanitary Weld End 90 Elbow

SF16W90LE SF16W90LE - SS316 Sanitary Weld 90 Elbow

Long Radius Sanitary Weld End 90 Elbow

SF16WT SF16WT - SS316 Sanitary Tee

Weld End Sanitary Tee

SF16WCR SF16WCR - SS316 Sanitary Concentric Reducer

Weld End Sanitary Concentric Reducer

SF16TA SF16TA - SS316 Sanitary Tygon Adapt

Tygon Hose Sanitary Adapter

SF16WER SF16WER - SS316 Sanitary Eccentric Reducer

Weld End Sanitary Eccentric Reducer

SF16CFA SF16CFA - SS316 Sanitary Female Adapter

Clamp End Sanitary Female Adapter

SF16CR SF16CR - SS316 Sanitary Concentric Reducer

Clamp End Sanitary Concentric Reducer

SF16CMA SF16CMA - SS316 Sanitary Male Adapter

Clamp End Sanitary Male Adapter

SF16CER SF16CER - SS316 Sanitary Clamp 90 Elbow

Clamp End Sanitary Eccentric Reducer

SF16CRT SF16CRT - SS316 Sanitary Reducing Tee

Clamp End Sanitary Reducing Tee

SF16CVC SF16CVC - SS316 Sanitary Check Valve

Sanitary Check Valve Clamp End

SF16SGC SF16SGC - SS316 Sanitary Sight Glass

Clamp End Sanitary Sight Glass