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Hydraulic Hose Size Cross

It is crucial to install replacement hoses of the proper size. Both interior and exterior diameters of hoses must be the same, or you risk catastrophic failure on the jobsite. Interior Diameter Hydraulic Hose Size

Unmatched interior hydraulic hose sizes at the very least will cause tools and machinery to function improperly. Some problems will arise due to uneven or fluctuating pressure that is created as fluids and gasses travel from one hose to a hose that is either smaller or greater in diameter. In addition, machinery and tools are designed to work with pre-determined sizes of hoses, meaning the interior diameter as well as outer. If you use the wrong size hose, you can damage or ruin your machinery. At the very least, the equipment will not function optimally.

Exterior Diameter Hydraulic Hose Size

The exterior hydraulic hose size is crucial because of fittings. As you replace hydraulic hoses, care must be taken to cross reference to make sure the exterior diameter is such that it will work with your existing fittings and adapters. Incorrectly sized hoses can result in system failure and injury to workers.