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Hydraulic hose assemblies manufactured with stainless steel fittings can save you hours of down time on your job. They can save you money, too.


Hydraulic hoses must be assembled with the proper tools. Crimpers are pre-set to crimp fittings onto hydraulic hoses to a specific pressure. Any pressure variance from that which is recommended can result in failure of the fitting. It can also damage the hydraulic hose, causing it to leak or rip.

Many business owners purchase their own crimping tool that measures the pressure necessary to secure the fitting. In some cases, though, the fittings and hoses may require off-site assembly. Hydraulics Center provides custom made hydraulic assemblies.


Stainless steel is a much-preferred material for hydraulic hose fittings. This material is strong and durable, able to withstand some of the extreme conditions found on work sites.

Temperature has little effect on stainless steel, which has little expansion or contraction in extreme variations. Environmental temperatures, as well as the heat from machinery and hydraulic fluids, can cause less durable fittings to weaken over time.

Some hydraulic fluids, as well as electrical currents and static buildup, can contribute to corrosion on fittings that are not stainless steel.

Pressure can also cause failure of weaker metals. That’s why so many SAE fittings are made of stainless steel – it can withstand the pressures generated by pumps and generators.

In most cases, the hoses themselves will fail before a stainless steel fitting fails.

These fittings are also reusable in most cases.