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SAE 100R2 (R2S) - 2 Braided Wire Hydraulic Hose
SAE 100R16 (R16S) - 2 Braided Wire Hydraulic Hose- High Flex
SAE 100R17 - Single Pressure Hydraulic Hose
TF - Tuff Cover Hydraulic Hose
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    • Forged Steel / Cast Steel Check Valves
    • Oil Patch - Cast Iron/Ductile Iron Swing Check Valves
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    • 316 Stainless Steel Gate Valves
    • Forged Steel / Cast Steel Gate Valves
  > Sharpe Butterfly Valves
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    • Sanitary / Stainless
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British and Metric
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Wet Line Coupling (Wingnut)
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Textile Cover Hose Ends (R5)
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