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Hydraulic hose preparation requires the proper tools and quality equipment, as well as a knowledgeable operator. Hydraulics Center Direct provides custom hydraulic hose assemblies for customers. There are several steps to preparing a hydraulic hose.


Follow the brand recommendations of your equipment. Your owner’s manuals should tell you which type of hoses and fittings to use to ensure the proper function of your equipment. If you no longer have the operator’s manuals, contact the manufacturer or Hydraulics Center Direct for information.

Since hydraulic hoses have different weaves and materials in the construction, you’ll have to make sure you purchase the hoses that work best with the types of hydraulic fluids you use on site. In most cases, stainless steel fittings are recommended. Other materials are allowable in some circumstances.


Once you have selected the correct type of hydraulic hose, you cut it to the length you need. Allow for flexibility when you do this, and the need to turn any corners or move with hand-held tools.

  1. Insert the ferrule into the end of the hose up to the collar.
  2. Next, insert the fitting. This may be a tight fit, so you may want to lubricate the fitting.
  3. Push the fitting in firmly, until it is all the way in. The fitting should go to the shoulder of the ferrule.
  4. Once the fittings are assembled onto the hose, check your crimp chart to see the proper pressures necessary for crimping the fittings. Cross-reference that the hose and fitting match, and see the crimping pressure.
  5. Make sure your crimping tool has the correct die tool installed if it uses a die.
  6. Set the pressure on your crimping tool, or keep an eye on the gauge as you crimp the fittings.
  7. Once the crimping is complete, check the measurements with the chart to make sure the outer diameter is correct. If you have applied too much force, the diameter will be smaller than the recommended measurement. If you used too little force, the measurement will be bigger than recommended.
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