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Parker Hannifin Hydraulic Hoses

Parker Hannifin: The Parker Hannifin company started out as a manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio in 1918. Arthur Parker founded Parker hydraulic hose company to supply hydraulic component to the burgeoning automotive and manufacturing industries that had exploded in growth in the Midwest region of the United States. Currently #216 out of the Fortune 500, Parker is one of the largest hydraulic components suppliers with a workforce of 58,000 with operations in 47 countries and 142 divisions and 311 manufacturing plants. In 1998, Parker introduced the first Parkerstore with a goal to reach aftermarket clients and to increase exposure to their brand. Now there are 1000 Parkerstores worldwide. Parker recorded sales of $12.8 billion in 2011. HydraulicsDirect supplies comparable Parker style hydraulic hose for it's customers.