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Primarily used for 4 wire and 6 wire spiral hydraulic hoses.  These hose end fittings are more robust and handle high pressures.  Typically used in mobile equipment applications.
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TS4-FFX TS4-FFX - Ends

ORFS (Face Seal) Female Swivel


BSP Female Swivel, 90° Elbow Series

TS4-FFX45T TS4-FFX45T - Ends

ORFS (Face Seal) Female Swivel, 45 Elbow

TS4-FFX90T TS4-FFX90T - Ends

ORFS (Face Seal) Female Swivel, 90 Elbow

TS4-MB TS4-MB - Ends

ORB (Boss) Male Rigid

TS4-MJ TS4-MJ - Ends

37° JIC Male Rigid

TS4-MP TS4-MP - Ends

NPT Male Rigid

TS4-FJX TS4-FJX - Ends

37° JIC Female Swivel


37° JIC Female Swivel, Stainless

TS4-FH4A TS4-C6145- Ends

Code 61 Flange, 45° Elbow

TS4-FHSA TS4-C61 Ends

Code 61 Flange, Stainless Steel

TS4-FHSB TS4-C62 Ends

Code 62 Flange