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ISO 7241 A Quick Disconnect Hydraulic Couplers

ISO A quick disconnect couplers are used in many medium and high pressure hydraulic applications. ISO A couplers are equivalent to, and interchange with the Parker 6600 Series of couplers as well as with couplers from Stucchi, Eaton Aeroquip, Snap-Tite, Faster, and Dixon.

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ISO_7241_A_ISO_A_Steel_Quick_Connect ISOA-SET-FP (Male + Female)

ISO A Quick Coupler Set

ISO_7241A_ISO_A_Femalet_Dust_Plug ISOAF-DP (Dust Plug)

ISO A Female Coupler Dust Plug

ISO_7241A_ISO_A_Steel_Quick_Connect ISOAF-FP (Female Coupler)

ISO A Female Coupler x FP

ISO_7241A_ISO_A_Male_Dust_Cap ISOAM-DC (Dust Cap)

ISO A Male Coupler Dust Cap

ISO_7241A_ISO_A_Steel_Quick_Connect ISOAM-FP (Male Coupler)

ISO A Male Coupler x FP