Hydraulic Hose Protection and Covers


Hydraulic Hose Protection

Hydraulic hoses and assemblies are rarely operated in controlled, protected environments. Rough and demanding conditions are the norm for most hydraulic assemblies. Because of the rough environments and normal wear and tear that hydraulic hoses are exposed to, hose protection is essential. There are a few different ways to protect your hydraulic hose:

  • Steel Spring Guards: Spring guards are wound steel springs which are typically zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. They come in various diameters which are all slightly larger than the hydraulic hose outer diameter, and are available in standard lengths or in bulk coils that can be cut to fit. They install by sliding over the hose. Spring guards support hydraulic hoses and help prevent damage. They are suitable for any application that needs protection against cuts, gouges, impact, abrasion, and accidental compression.
  • Plastic Spiral Guards: Plastic spiral guards are similar to steel spring guards in shape and method of installation, but are made from heavy-duty polyethylene or other heavy-duty plastics, and have a flat profile with rounded edges. Plastic spiral guards offer a light and economical way to protect hoses from abrasions, cuts, impacts, UV attack, and crushing loads. The flat profile and rounded edges offer extra protection to the hose and prevent damage to the hose during installation and removal.
    Sleeving: Protective sleeves are fabric tubes that slide over hydraulic hoses. Typically, they are made from materials like nylon or polyester, and provide excellent resistance to external abrasion and UV radiation. Sleeves are also an effective way to bundle together similarly rated hydraulic hoses that bend and flex in the same directions. Hose sleeves can also improve the appearance of your hydraulic assembly by providing a streamlined look.
  • Protective Wrap: Protective wrap is much like a sleeve, but is designed to be placed after the assembly or hydraulic hose is already installed. The fabric is abrasion-resistant, and comes flat with a Velcro-like closure, which allows the fabric to easily wrap around and fasten over the hose or to bundle several hoses together.

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