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Water Hoses

We offer a wide range of water hoses like polyflex hose, PVC suction hose, white washdown hose, and more. These water pressure hoses can handle immense transfer of water or other fluids at varied ranges of temperature and pressure.
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IH2107 Multipurpose Hose Heavy Duty

Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Hose - Yellow

IH1200 IH1200 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose - Red

IH1210 IH1210 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose - Blue

IH1220 IH1220 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose -Yellow

IH1230 IH1230 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose - Gray

IH1240 IH1240 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose - Black

IH1500 PVC Discharge Hose

PVC Discharge Hose - Clear

IH200 Standard Duty Discharge Hose

Standard Duty Discharge Hose - Blue

IH2112 Push Lock Hose

Push Lock Hose - Black

IH2179 Washdown Hose

White Washdown Hose - White

IH2192 EPDM General Purpose Hose

EPDM General Purpose Hose - Red

IH2193 EPDM General Purpose Hose

EPDM General Purpose Hose - Black

IH2194 Multi-Purpose Hose

Premium Multi-Purpose Hose - Red

IH250 Medium Duty Discharge Hose

Medium Duty Discharge Hose - Red

IH260 Heavy Duty Discharge Hose

Heavy Duty Discharge Hose - Yellow

IH2633 Medium Duty Water Discharge

Medium Duty Water Discharge Hose - Black

IH2634 Heavy Duty Water Discharge Hose

Heavy Duty Water Discharge Hose - Black

IH2635 Premium Water Discharge Hose

Premium Water Discharge Hose - Black

IH2640 Papermill Washdown Hose

"Sure Grip" Papermill Washdown Hose - Green Cover