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Stainless Steel 37° JIC SAE J514 Hydraulic Adapter Fittings

37° JIC adapter fittings have a 37° cone seat on the female adapter and a 37° flare on the male adapter. This cone seat and flare allows for a complete mechanical seal between the male and female fitting. Teflon tape or pipe dope is not required. JIC fittings are an excellent choice for preventing leaks and can be used for higher pressure applications. Stainless steel fittings are used for applications requiring maximum corrosion or sanitary protection.

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SS-2650 SS-2650 -37° JIC Male Cross Stainless

MJ x MJ x MJ x MJ Cross (Stainless)

SS-2700 SS-2700 -37° JIC Bulkhead Straight Stainless

MJ  x MJ Bulkhead Straight (Stainless)

SS-2701 SS-2701 -37° JIC Bulkhead 90° Elbow Stainless

MJ x MJ Bulkhead 90 ° (Stainless)

SS-2703 SS-2703 -37° JIC Bulkhead Branch Tee Stainless

MJ x MJ x MJ Bulkhead Branch Tee (Stainless)

SS-2704 SS-2704 -37° JIC Bulkhead Run Tee Stainless

MJ x MJ x MJ Bulkhead Run Tee (Stainless)

SS-6600 SS-6600 -37° JIC Swivel Nut Branch Tee

MJ x MJ x FJS Tee (Stainless)

ss-2406 Stainless Steel JIC Fittings ss-2406 Stainless Steel JIC Fittings

Female JIC/AN to JIC/AN Male Tube Expander - Reducer

BP-37FT-SOR JIC/SAE Flare Seal

FlareTite Seal