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Metric Compression Fittings

We offer a large range of stainless steel metric compression fittings, which are highly durable and corrosion resistant. Metric compression fittings minimize the impact of vibrations on your hydraulic systems, thanks to the cutting ring design.
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JIC_to_Metric_Standpipe_Fitting 9200 - JIC to Metric Standpipe

JIC to Metric Standpipe


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Metric_Fitting_Heavy_Straight_Tube_Coupling VS8010-Heavy Straight Tube Coupling (Metric Compression)

Heavy Straight Tube Coupling (Metric Compression)

Metric_Fitting_Light_Staight_Tube_Coupling VS8010-Light Staight Tube Coupling (Metric Compression)

Light Staight Tube Coupling (Metric Compression)

Metric_Fitting_Heavy_Tube_Coupling_90°_Elbow VS8210-Heavy Tube Coupling 90 degree Elbow (Metric Compression)

Heavy Tube Coupling 90 degree Elbow (Metric Compression)

Metric_Fitting_Light_Tube_Coupling_90°_Elbow VS8210-Light Tube Coupling 90 degree Elbow (Metric Compression)

Light Tube Coupling 90 degree Elbow (Metric Compression)

Metric_Fitting_Light_Tube_Tee VS8310- Light Tube Tee (Metric Compression)

Light Tube Tee (Metric Compression)

Metric_Fitting_Heavy_Tube_Tee VS8310-Heavy Tube Tee (Metric Compression)

Heavy Tube Tee (Metric Compression)