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Hydraulics Direct offers top-of-the-line air hoses that keep optimal performance and user comfort and safety at the forefront. Well designed for construction, agricultural, and industrial applications, the multipurpose air hoses are designed to withstand a wide range of heat and pressure. Some of the specialized air hoses are also highly abrasion and crack resistant, which makes them perfect to work with on the toughest jobsites. It is important to choose a durable air compressor hose and air compressor fittings that are compatible with the air compressor pump to “guarantee” a tight seal for stable air pressure and high performance.
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IH-AWB General Purpose EPDM Air and Water Black Hose

General Purpose EPDM Air and Water Hose - Black

IH-AWR General Purpose EPDM Air and Water Red Hose

General Purpose EPDM Air and Water Hose - Red

IH2107 Multipurpose Hose Heavy Duty

Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Hose - Yellow

IH1200 IH1200 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose - Red

IH1210 IH1210 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose - Blue

IH1220 IH1220 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose -Yellow

IH1230 IH1230 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose - Gray

IH1240 IH1240 - Polyflex Hose

Polyflex Hose - Black

IH2112 Push Lock Hose

Push Lock Hose - Black

IH2150 Wire Braid Air Hose

Wire Braid Air Hose - Yellow

IH2160 Fabric Air Hose

Fabric Air Hose - Yellow

IH2165 Rock Drill Hose

Rock Drill Hose - Yellow

IH2194 Multi-Purpose Hose

Premium Multi-Purpose Hose - Red

IH2390 Hot Air Blower Hose

Hot Air Blower Hose - Black