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Gas Valves

With unwavering dedication to safety and reliability, our advanced gas valves are engineered to guarantee unsurpassed performance. Our exclusive line of quality gas ball valves have been crafted to ensure ease of operation and installation. Featuring durable stem to the body construction, our forged brass gas valves ensure no pinhole leaks generally found in cast products. The exclusive handle design ensure comfortable grip for ease of use. Our versatile gas shutoff valves are designed for use with liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, mixed gas, manufactured gas, and LP gas-air mixtures to meet a wide range of application specific requirements. These gas valves assure a tight seal and easy on/off operation even when left used for years.
  • Gas Valves

    We offer an exclusive range of top-of-the-line gas valves made from forged brass in one-piece or two-piece design.