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Quick Connect / Disconnect Couplers

Quick couplers are used to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic fluid lines with the minimal of spillage. Quick connect couplers are manufactured by multiple manufacturers and can be often interchanged. HydraulicsDirect.com supplies the highest quality hydraulic quick disconnect couplers such as flushface, ISO A, ISO B, wingnut, Ag, and Skid Steer quick couplers.
  • Flushface - ISO 16028

    ISO 16028 Flushface quick disconnects provide minimal spillage during disconnections. These couplers are often used in skidsteer applications and interchange with leading flushface quick connect brands.
  • ISO 7241-B

    ISO 7241-1 B hydraulic quick connects are used in a variety of applications. Often manufactured using carbon steel, "ISOB" quick disconnect couplers can also be purchased in brass and stainless steel material.
  • ISO 5675 Agricultural

    ISO 5675 quick disconnect hydraulic couplers are often used in applications involving agricultural, construction, and mining equipment. Our ISO 5675 Ag couplers interchange with most popular brands.
  • General Purpose Hydraulic

    General purpose hydraulic quick connects are often used in applications requiring frequent connections and disconnections. These couplers can be used for mobile, machinery, and other general hydraulic systems.
  • ISO 7241-A

    ISO 7241-1 A Hydraulic quick connect couplers are very common and used in applications requiring robust coupling strength.
  • Wet Line Coupling (Wingnut)

    Wingnut wet line quick disconnect couplers for heavy duty industrial applications such as drilling, well servicing, gravel, and heavy equipment. The forged steel wingnut insures a strong coupling over multiple connections.