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  • Aluminum

    Aluminum Cam & Groove

    We offer Aluminum Cam & Groove fittings remarkable for their tough endurance levels. The range of fitting includes the cam lock connectors, aluminum pipe fittings, aluminum tubing connectors, and more. They can withstand intense pressure levels under challenging weather conditions.
  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel Cam & Groove

    If you are looking for rugged, rust-resistant cam and groove hose ends, then you need not look any further than our Stainless Steel Cam & Grooves. We offer cam and grooves made from solid stainless steel and available from Type A to Type F.
  • Polypropylene

    Polypropylene Cam & Groove

    Hydraulics Direct brings an impressive range of Polypropylene Cam & Grooves that include polypropylene pipe fittings, hose fittings, dust caps, and dust plugs. These hose ends ensure years of rugged usage without succumbing to the external and internal pressures.
  • Brass

    Brass Cam & Groove

    We offer a range of Brass Cam & Groove fittings from Type A to Type F. These cam and groove fittings include the Camlock (A Type) Male to Female NPT Thread, Camlock (B Type) Female to Male NPT Thread, Camlock (C Type) Female to Hose Shank, Brass Dust Caps, Brass Dust Plugs, and more.